Real Property Transfer Tax

Tax on Transfers of Real Property (NRS 375)

Pursuant to NRS 375, real property transfer tax is collected when an interest in real property is transferred. The rate in Washoe County is $2.05 per $500 of value or fraction thereof, and the tax is collected by the County Recorder at the time of recording.

All documents transferring title must be accompanied by a Declaration of Value form so the tax can be calculated. The basis for the tax is the actual selling price or the estimated fair market value of the property. "Estimated fair market value" is derived from the assessor's taxable value or the prior purchase price, if the prior purchase was within the 5 years immediately preceding the date of valuation, whichever is higher; see NRS 375.010.

There are several reasons for exemption from the tax listed in NRS 375.090. To assist in calculating the tax we have provided a Real Property Transfer Tax Calculator below. If you need assistance or have questions about the tax, please call our Property Transfer Compliance Recorder at (775) 328-3661.

Real Property Transfer Tax Calculator

(This calculator is designed to calculate transfer tax based on the total value/sales price of property with 100% ownership being transferred. If you are transferring less than 100% interest and need assistance with completing the Declaration of Value form please contact our office at 775-328-3661)

Multiplier ($2.05 per $500 or fraction thereof)
.0 1
Property Transfer Tax Due $  


NRS 375.250 - Taxpayers' Bill of Rights for Taxes on Transfers of Real Property